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Pastor Kelby G. Lilly

Kelby Lilly was raised on the Chowan River in North Carolina, and is coming to Millfield from Ballards Bridge Baptist Church, Tyner NC, where he was an ordained deacon, Supply Pastor, Sunday School teacher and co-coached the church basketball team with his wife Allison. In addition to preaching at Ballards Bridge Baptist Kelby has also filled the pulpit at several other churches when asked. He was ordained as a Deacon in August 20, 2023 by Ballards Bridge Baptist Church (North Carolina), and had been ordained into Ministry on December 9, 2021 by National Association of Christian Ministers (South Carolina).


Kelby is currently working on his Master's Diploma of Biblical Theology, and will graduate this May (2024) from Liberty University Wilmington School of the Bible (Liberty University, Harrisonburg, VA).


Kelby and his wife Allison have 4 daughters, and are very excited to be living in the area again near Allison's family.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: My parents raised me in church and worked hard to ensure I had the foundation of Jesus placed in my life. When I was 12 years old, I made a profession of faith, and participated in believers baptism in the river in front of my house. I felt God calling me into ministry at a young age, however when I was 18, I left home and became a carpenter. In the last 20 years of being a carpenter I found myself working with a diverse people group. It opened up doors to listen and learn about people's different belief systems. Praise the Lord that it gave me the opportunity to gently apply the Gospel into their lives while showing the love of Jesus as we interacted in the work environment. I quickly realized there was a desperate need for leadership in faith to these broken men. I was able to relate to them on a personal level, and the Lord allowed me to share my testimony with them and let them know what God has done in my life. When I stepped out on faith away from the shipyard and steady pay, my wife and I started our own homestead called Wild Lilly's, while I started working on my Theology diploma. We currently homeschool our three youngest (our oldest is in college) and we utilized our local farmers markets. The Lord has given us many opportunities to serve Him in various ways within the last several years. One of the biggest blessings was baptizing my own children after they accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior in the same river I was baptized in. God has allowed my family to endure many trials, which have drawn us closer to Him, and together as a family. Our situations have given us a well-rounded understanding of the good and the bad experiences in life. God has taken our trials and built a ministry for His glory. We love to interact with people in a way that brings the community together and builds up the body of Christ. I am passionate about the Bible and teaching God's word. I have seen first hand what the power of prayer can do. I am a blue collar, rough around the edges man who has been called to know, love and serve my Creator, and that is what I intend to do.- Kelby G. Lilly

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