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Blue Skies

Our Staff

Please let them know if they can help you in any way.













Sarah J. White is Millfield's part-time Ministry Assistant. Sarah is married to Thomas White who is a faithful servant in our church also. Sarah and Tom have two elementary aged boys, Jeremiah and Joshua. Sarah and Tom also have 2 older daughters, Michae Butler and Anna Maddrey. Anna and her husband, Dennis, have a son named Raylan.

Both Sarah and her husband have been members of Millfield since February of 2019, although they had been attending for a few years on and off prior to joining our church. Email Sarah at 













Victoria H. Goodrich is Millfield's Treasurer and Communications Director. Victoria is in charge of Millfield's website, Facebook page, videoing Sunday services (which she has to delegate out occasionally), and sending out text blast to members and friends of Millfield Baptist Church. Victoria is married to G. Henry Goodrich, who mans the sound booth on most Sunday mornings. Victoria and Henry have two adult sons, Benji Goodrich and Zach Goodrich. They also have a daughter in law, Dana, who is married to 

their son Benji. Victoria and her husband have been members of Millfield Baptist since May of 1997. They had been faithful 

attendants for the 2 years prior to joining. Email Victoria at 



Our Deacons

Millfield believes both men and women are able to serve the Lord by being deacons of the church.

In the picture below you will see our current deacons.





Pictured from left to right, starting on the front row:

Neil Cutright, Frankie Carr, Becky Miller and Randal Branch

  Back row: Gary Futrell, Susan Stone, Chris Cornwell and

Interim Pastor Steve Gibson

*Not pictured: Pat Swindell


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