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About us


The church’s mailing address is Wakefield but the church is situated mid-way between Wakefield and Ivor on Millfield Road near Route 616. Although our church is in a rural setting, we have a few farmers in our congregation. Members of our congregation are widespread in the workforce. They commute to work in Franklin, Suffolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. Our area experienced moderate housing growth about 10 years ago, but that has stabilized. The area’s economy seems stable.  Most of our members are trained professionals, such as nurses, teachers, professional firefighters, and business people, and there are a few small business owners.


Our church has one worship service at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday and our average worship attendance is about 65-75. Unfortunately, like so many other churches and establishments, COVID has had an impact and our numbers have declined across the board.

Millfield offers Sunday school before the worship hour and currently holds children’s church for ages 3 through fifth grade one Sunday per month. We are blessed with a wonderful choir, and they practice every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. We are in the process of restructuring our youth group and look forward to reaching the lives of those that are our future.


Millfield is known for having a very active Vacation Bible School. The director actively plans for several months in advance and there are multiple teacher training opportunities offered. We hold a morning session for those in Pre-k through completion of 6th grade and a very active evening gathering for the youth. Attendance, including students, teachers, and helpers is usually about 125 – 135 (which spikes upward at times).


For over ten years we have partnered with a neighboring African American Baptist Church to host a food pantry once a month. We receive a monthly shipment from the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, and every day of the week a member of one of the churches picks up food from a local grocery store. It is then stored and distributed on the third Wednesday of the month. Our food pantry ministry serves between 90-100 families each month.


We have Bible study groups that meet and an active women’s mission group that plans quarterly mission projects which typically involve the entire church. The Baptist Men’s group meets one Sunday a month for breakfast and is always on the alert for those in the community needing assistance with a project.


Church conferences are held quarterly and our deacons meet monthly with other committees meeting as needed. Our deacon body is composed of both men and women.

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