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Millfield Profile

Statement on Baptist affiliations

(From The Church Covenant and Articles of Faith) Insofar as is practical, this church will cooperate with and support the Blackwater Baptist Association, the Virginia Baptist General Board, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. (The Blackwater Baptist Association dissolved in 2022.)We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were written by men who were divinely inspired. We also believe these Scriptures to be the only infallible rule of Faith and Practice and that they are the basis of our beliefs. This church subscribes to the doctrinal statement of The Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1963.Furthermore, we support the mission efforts of Zeko and Mattie Wezah as they minister to international students at the College of William and Mary. As well as churched approved mission trips by members of Millfield.


What we believe the bible teaches

Christ offers the gift of salvation to all. We witness to everyone, knowing that anyone can potentially be saved if he or she will only confess to being a sinner, repent, and trust in Jesus. Each person decides whether or not to trust in Christ for salvation.

Roles in the church

We believe it is acceptable for both men and women to hold leadership positions within the life of a church.

Blue Skies
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